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Surface Protection Film
The film as the name suggests is used to protect surfaces from scratches during handling, transit or accumulating dust etc. The film is also called Masking Film and is available in two variants :-

a. Without adhesive / Glue
b. With adhesive / Glue

PE Adhesive coated masking film is also called PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) coated film. This is a one side adhesive coated film used to mask various surfaces to protect them from scratches during handling or transportation, dust, etc. The film can be peeled off easily and it leaves no mark / residue on the surface once the film is peeled off. The film is applied on various surfaces such as :-

- Stainless Steel Sheets
- Color Coated Steel Sheets
- Aluminium Composite Panels
- Aluminium Sheets
- PC Sheets, PVC Sheets
- Decorative Laminates, etc
Surface Protection Film Specifications
Base Film material PE (Polyethylene)
Widths (mm) 100 mm - 1500 mm
Thickness (microns) 30 microns - 100 microns
Paper core ID 76 mm
Film Color Transparent
One side Black & other side White
Any other color
Printing Yes.
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Surface Protection Film Benefits
In addition to two state-of-art adhesive coating lines, we have our own 3-layer blown film line from Reifenhauser GmbH & Co., Germany, which ensures consistency in film thickness which helps end user to get optimum yield from the product.
  • Oil resistant
  • Taylor-made adhesion level
  • Very good weather ability
  • UV stabilized (if required by customer)
  • 100% recyclable